Terms & Conditions

1. Our services are available only within India.

2. Calls can only be placed within India.

3. We do not support international calling. Calls cannot be transmitted outside India.

4. Calls will Not be transmitted to phone numbers on the DND/NCCP List (www.DoNotCall.in). To be able to send Voice SMS to phone numbers on the DND List, you would have to provide us an undertaking (as per TRAI format).

5. Payment made towards the purchase of our products/services is not refundable under any circumstances. It is understood that your purchase regarding quantity and timing has been well thought of by you and is sufficient for your current and/or future needs.

6. You are legally and morally responsible for the quality and the content of your recorded messages sent using our services and subsequent interaction using outbound calls, voice broadcast calls, inbound calls & IVR facility.

7. Due to the volatile nature of the Internet and its offerings, and the Service Provider/s (Telecom companies), the accuracy of the performance of this Service (Voice SMS / Voice SMS Calls) is not guaranteed by the supplier of the Software / Service Provider, nor is it guaranteed by AnyTimeMoney Inc. / this website (“us” , “we”). Any loss arising out of our services will be that of the Customer / Client / Reseller / User alone and AnyTimeMoney Inc. cannot be held responsible for such loss. The laws prevailing in India for the time being in force govern this Agreement without reference to legal principles that would cause the law of another jurisdiction to be applied. You hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of courts of Delhi in the state of Delhi (India) in all disputes arising out of or relating to the acquisition or use of our services, each party hereby submitting to the jurisdiction of such courts and expressly waiving the right to bring suit in all other courts in any state or country. Use of the Hosting / our services is unauthorized in any jurisdiction that does not give effect to all provisions of these terms and conditions, including without limitation this paragraph. (In case of Dispute, only Delhi (New Delhi, India) Courts shall have the Jurisdiction.)